FAQ for English

To our friends in the world (For the overseas listeners)

So glad and welcome to be our Release Hallucination Official WebSite!
Here in this page, we have answers for your many asks currently.

We have a lot of opportunities of asking from you today.
In spite of many asks in English, unfortunately, we are Japanese, having no good English, sorry.
It may take a little more time to response you. Of course, we would like to reply you as much as possible and we love it. But honestly we need more time for our creation, as you really know. For your convenience, please see the FAQ herein , please contact us by a separate format if you couldn’t find any answer for you.
If you couldn’t find any right answer here, it might be a little difficult to answer you.
Please understand and forgive us.

What is Release Hallucination?
Since the beginning in 2012, we have been performing with two persons of emi (Vocal)、kaoru (Main Composer & Guitar) and as the main music category of Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal and some. The Release Hallucination is the individual label. We two are working on creation and distribution.
Where our products are selling?
【Physical media】
We are going to try sales in overseas, but selling route of Physical media is limited.
At the moment we don’t’ have any handling in CD shops without Japan. However, distribution to overseas is available by Amazon, AKIBA-HOBBY, CDJapan and HMV.
Any shipping charge is different in each shop, please kindly contact and check directly.
Please see more details in【Physical Distribution
【Digital Distribution&Streaming Services】
You can see our products of Release Hallucination for sale in BandCamp, BOOTH and MelonBooksDL. If you buy at only these, you can have the booklet and the lyric sheet data (PDF/JPG) within a package. Also, you can see Digital Distribution at Apple and Amazon, Streaming Services at Spotify. Please see more details in【Digital Streaming】.
Where can I find the latest release information?
When it becomes available, we will announce it on X (Twitter) and on the Information page of our website. Please do not inquire about unpublished projects. We will not be able to answer them!
Can I use Release Hallucination works for a game and a movie?
We are holding the copyright and our products are not free sources.
However, We support non-profit-oriented online gaming culture.
If you like to use our music for such non-profitable product (music game and some), please use the sound source which you purchased through the proper channel.
Please write our credit and post the links to web site and sales site on your site, when you release it. We are pleased to receive your ex-post information when you use it.
However, any money-related performance even if non-profitable and free distribution by Physical media are not included.
If you have any question for use, please kindly contact us.
Can I request work from Release Hallucination?
We welcome requests for music production and other work.
Please e-mail us with details. You can also send us a DM on X(Twitter)
If you want to play our music in your streaming
For non-commercial use, You can use as a BGM of your streaming or a part of the song. For commercial use, please contact us.
If you are using a subscription service, please follow the terms and conditions of each distribution site. And also please follow the terms of platform that you use.
And you need to write copyright.
We never allow using the songs which you got it illegally.
And please write our credit or post the links to web site and sales site on your site.
Uploading movie of any covered playing posting on the site like Youtube can be available?
We are delight to welcome. If you play with our sound sources, please use the sound source purchased through the proper channel. # Only non-profitable purpose
(URL) is the official channel of Release Hallucination?
Please confirm if posting from the official channel of Release Hallucination on Youtube, or not? No posting the movie without the official account. (CDBaby and Youtube Music are our promoters.)
We are having many illegal uploading movies and music on the internet.
You may know us by any sources, but we are very happy if you buy our music by the proper channel like BandCamp. (You can listen to our music by Apple, Spotify and some.) And, basically we can’t answer for any unofficial movie.
Creating English version?
We have many requests, but we can’t create it at this moment, very sorry.
We are difficult for some right English words for art, because we are not English natives. Please kindly understand us.
How about any English lyric sheet or meaning of song?
Same as above, basically we don’t have any preparation of English version.
We are happy if you translate to make fun personally.
Also, if you buy at BadCamp, BOOTH and MelonBookDL, you can have the booklet of PDF/JPG within a package.
# Only Dystopia is included English words. It was recorded for Japan Expo in the past.
Can I translate the lyrics into a language other than Japanese.
Yes,you can if it’s non-commercial use. When publishing on the web, please include the credit and link.
Where is available to send message?
Any comments to Youtube movie, Face book and X(Twitter), also contact by mail form are very welcome. We may not reply to you, but your message is appreciated for our creation.
Supporting activities
Thank you very much. We are very happy.
We have service of Release Hallucination Pixiv FANBOX updating mainly in Japanese.
This is a kind of fan club, not cloud funding. (pixiv account is necessary to register.)
Updating the Blogs, comments for creations in the past and yet-to-be released are released to browse for members by monthly fee.
You can also support us through X(Twitter) and Spotify (Patreon).
Introducing by Blog and SNS, using the Jacket movie is available?
Thank you. It’s happy for us. Using our Jacket movie for introduction will be no problem. However, if you introduce our music, please use our official uploaded sound and movie, as much as possible.